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Simply Minesweeper PC Review

The title name says it all. It is just a simple minesweeper game. Almost everyone is familiar with this game as a basic version has been included with Windows OS for years. Everyone played it at one time or another so it needs no introduction.

The purpose of the game is the same as the Windows version. You have a grid of tiles and you must guess which ones are obscuring hidden bombs. The safe tiles will give you clues and you use your common sense to determine where bombs may be hidden. It’s a simple and addictive game that works on any platform and you don’t need expensive graphic cards and powerful processors to run the game. Even grannies are playing the game and finding it addictive and fun.

You use logic to work out where the next bombs are placed. You position a flag on the dangerous tiles as you move across the grid making it safe. There is nothing new and the game remains the same as it has been for decades. A lot of fans will want to move the game from their PC to their phones, making it more convenient to play on the bus, during a break at work, or simply in the car as a passenger.

Simply Minesweeper is a lighter version than the one on your PC and costs about two dollars. Many minesweeper fans may think that this is a rip off. The game on your desktop PC is a much denser version and offers more features and excitement than this simple version, so who is going to pay for something they have for free? Simply Minesweeper was released by DSIware not so long ago to play on handheld and pocket PCs. They obviously thought they could make a killing, but alas, many gamers would rather wait until they are at their desktops to play the feature rich game, instead of playing a simplified version with barely any choices on a small screen.

Minesweeper on the PC offers endless puzzles with so many options it can make you dizzy. The handheld version is so limited that the game is far too simple and easy. There is virtually no challenge present and this makes the game boring and uninteresting. The limited stages are all the same. Once you complete the game there is no reason to play it again.

DSIware again tried to revive a classic in the hope of making a quick buck. Perhaps they should have waited another 20 years for Minesweeper to disappear entirely from Windows and they would have had better luck. It’s unlikely this simple puzzle version will attain the same popularity as its more powerful Windows competitor.

Simply Minesweeper is a simple puzzle game that’s fun and entertaining, but it’s a mediocre game at best. If it was filled with feature rich levels and more demanding tasks to stretch your imagination to its limit the game would have been a masterpiece.

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