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Minesweeper Games for Entertainment and Stress Relief

Games form an unavoidable section of our modern electronic gadgets. Be it the PCs or the latest version of our favorite Smartphone, it is quite impossible to imagine it without games. From the presence of games in play stations to mobile devices, games are often the best entertainers. The advantage is twofold. Playing games not only add to the entertaining factor but also it can help to a good extent in sharpening the motor skills of an individual. Though the advancement in technology adds to the varying categories of games every day, some are always in popularity since their inception time to years afterwards.

Minesweeper is one such game which has captured the attention and love of the gamers since the time of its launch in the PCs. It enhances the problem solving skill of the player in an enthusiastic manner. The history of minesweeper traces back to the mainframe games which were in existence during the 60’s and 70’s. However the wider popularity it acquired is a result of its presence in the Windows operating system. Till today the game has not changed much in its format and remain as the simplest of the video games. Perhaps the only change it encountered might be its making presence in the mobile devices.

Rare will be anyone who has not played minesweeper. It starts with opening a grid of squares with some of them containing mines. The player has to clear the grids without blasting the mine in any of the grid. Guessing the safe grids is made easy with the help of the clues. The player has the option to place a flag to indicate the danger grids. Many people find it mind sharpening after experiencing changes like walking more straightly, moving fast and much more. It is a kind of simple yet completely logical in nature.

Thanks to the apps offered in the Smartphone devices, one can enjoy the game while in travel or even in the midst of interruptions as in the case of phone calls in between. Another advantage it offers is by raising the player’s analytical ability. Moreover certain devices have certain set of rules for such games to be played and this makes the gaming experience pretty much faster and cool. Games like minesweeper are often stress busters for kids in the midst of their studies and even for the grownups feeling monotonous with their tight working schedules.

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